Ruwanda Chapel

 The “Earth Chapel” truly emphasis on what Rwanda is all about: Tall Trees and green terraces.

Within the dense forest of Conifers, a lonely narrow gap reveals a tiny section of blue sky, at the very limit of the hilltop.

There, in that forgotten space sits the new Chapel, looking towards the rising sun of the east, and facing only the unique landscape.

The Architectural composition consists of a wooden box, hovering over the ground. This simple structure translates the purity of the function that it holds. Only a lightweight concrete slab sits on top of the wooden structure of the roof.

Bounded by wooden sticks, the facades allow the sun to sneak in through the cracks, lighting dramatically the holy space.

Elevated 1.6 meters above the ground level, one can only enter the Chapel by bowing his head; as a sign of respect to the holy space.

A 1 meter wide buffer zone is created to separate the outside from the interior space, in a way, play the role of a filter between the two “Worlds”.

On another hand, a growing nature inside of the empty space, invades the architecture from bottom to top, giving the Chapel some sort of natural heartbeat.

The exterior landscape is a manufactured slope, an outside amphitheater designed as an extension for bigger masses, immitating the natural terracing found on the mountains of Rwanda.

Finally the Chapel illustrates a protected space, a sanctuary of Nature,sacred, enchanted with trees, plants and ivies.

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